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Our partners

Dear customers and dear amateurs of chrism in aquariums, here you can acquaint yourselves with our partners

We offer cooperation to the stores and shops as well!

Dear Zoology business colleagues, we offer you cooperation in delivery of fishes and plants to your stores.

Enjoy advantages of work with us:

  • Considered prices in the market;
  • Discounts on goods procurements;
  • Free delivery of fishes directly to your stores!;
  • Transferring of fishes to regions (minimum sum for dispatch);
  • Free advices on care, sale, or maintenance of fishes including recommendations on procurement of different species for a particular store!;
  • Free advertisements of your store or shop via our Site;
  • Joint actions for fish sale.

And other things, about which we probably will be able to agree during a meeting and discussion of general questions of a partnership! We are always glad to meet you!

Contacts for communication:


skype: rusaquarium

  • African Cichlids Aquaculture Limited

    Deliveries ornamental aquarium fish from Zambia .
    Fishes of Lake Tanganyika 

    P.O. Box 20689 Kitwe Zambia


  • Jeda Aquarium Ltd.,Part.

    Deliveries ornamental aquarium fish from Thailand.


  • AquaPex - Aquatic Pets Export

    Delivery of decorative  aquarium fishes from Israel.


  • The "THREE DRAGONS" workshop

    The "THREE DRAGONS" workshop is occupied with making of TERRARIUMS and a terrarium equipment since 2011. All the constructions of proposed terrariums are tested by time because originally new models were constructed for our own animals, trying to create maximally comfortable conditions for nurslings and for care of them.



    +7 978 819 0704

  • Ziss Aqua

    Delivery of incubators for breeding of aquarium fish.



New fish, which we have in stock or we can bring from another countries!
We always welcome your orders and we will be glad to see you visiting us.