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Aquarium topic and connected objects one can discuss for days on end, numerous articles in the Internet one may read and reread for years. The Internet gives us a possibility to store these thoughts, memories, as well as notes and observations in initial forms. In this section we will try to collect the most interesting and important from our point of view articles on the aquarium topic and not only about, because close to an aquarium life such interesting hydrobionts as frogs, snakes, crustaceans, turtles, and many others neighbours are existing, and attention must be emphasized on such creatures. We are ready to accept your stories, articles, photos, descriptions of various species of fish with great gratitude and interest, to keep and advertise such information on our portal pages.

  • 2014-12-15 The inner world of an external filter

    The filter canister installed outside the aquarium - a great tool clean water, allowing almost completely eliminate undesirable impurities both mechanical and chemical nature. The capacious it, the more it sections for fillings than elaborately organized scheme of the passage of water through them, the perfect, versatile design and, therefore, more effective cleaning process.

  • 2013-09-09 The history of the aquarium

    AQUARIUM (lat. Aquarium, from aqua - water), container for keeping and breeding of aquatic animals and plants, as well as the establishment, which contains representatives from marine and freshwater fauna and flora for the purpose of study and demonstration. The first public aquarium was opened in 1853 in London. The most famous aquariums in Naples and Monaco; large aquariums set up in the United States and Japan. Large marine aquariums often called Oceanarium.


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